Metro Wire Shelving

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Metro Super Erecta Shelves 

A longtime industry leader, InterMetro's Super Erecta Shelving, Gives Strength, Air flow and Great Appearance for any application.  Super Erecta Shelving is a great product for warehouses, dry storage areas, healthcare, and food service applications.

By adding available accessories, SuperErecta Shelves can be outfitted to suit most every situation.

Available Depths: 14" - 18" - 21" - 24" (Select width for shelf part numbers and pricing)

This listing represents Brite, Chrome Plate and Stainless finishes for 14" Deep Shelves.

         Shelf Size           Brite Finish    Chrome Finish   304 Polished Stainless Finish
14 x 24         1424BR         1424NC                1424NS
14 x 30         1430BR         1430NC                1424NS
14 x 36         1436BR         1436NC                1436NS
14 x 42         1442BR         1442NC                1442NS
14 x 48         1448BR         1448NC                1448NS
14 x 60         1460BR         1460NC                1460NS
14 x 72         1472BR         1472NC                1472NS






Shelf capacity is 800 lb. evenly distributed on shelves up to 48" in length. 600 lb. capacity on shelves longer than 48".

Also featured available are Metroseal 3 Epoxy (for damp locations), decorator colors and superwide shelving. These products are located on separate listings.



Item Number: 5MDXA Catalog Image

High Modulus Rubber Wheel on metal stem caster for all MetroMAX Carts

5" diameter donut style caster with 250 lb. capacity per stem (Not to exceed 750 lb on cart)

High resistance to oil and grease

This reliable, standard duty caster is safe for hard floor surfaces.  The wheel's resilient rubber properties allow for a quieter, energy absorbing ride. The donut shape creates less resistance in turns.

This part number includes Metromax style bumpers.

Rigid caster channels are included with each two Rigid casters ordered.

fob TN, CA & PA

  • Swivel,B-Swivel W/Brakes,R-Rigid
    R - Add $8.45B - Add $8.45SWIVEL


Item Number: 5MPXGSA Catalog Image

Metro Stainless Steel - Cart Washable Casters

5" Polyurethane wheels on stainless steel washable casters

300 lb capacity per stem (limit cart capacity to 900 lb)

Rigid connecting channel included with every two rigid casters ordered

fob TN

  • Swivel,B-Swivel W/Brakes,R-Rigid
    B - Add $3.25R - Add $3.25SWIVEL


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Item Number: A1430NC


Item Number: A1430NK3


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Item Number: A1436NC